Research article


K.Avazov, U.Azamatov, J.Sharipov, B.Abrayqulov, O.Kulmuminov

Online First: December 22, 2022

The article is devoted to information about an improved device that has been developed for anaesthetizing chrysalises of silkworm cocoons under the influence of infrared rays, and a photovoltaic power plant has been proposed that will allow for this device to operate using solar energy. The main purpose of this device is to achieve high-quality processing and resource savings of cocoons by creating an improved experimental model of the device for anaesthetizing chrysalises of cocoons with infrared rays using solar energy and the development of shade drying technology. The prospective methods of using solar energy were analysed, and it was found expedient to use these methods widely in the silk industry, especially in primary cocoon processing applications. For the improved device received a patent for the utility model № FAP 01534 of the Intellectual Property Agency under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It has been noted that anaesthetizing live chrysalises of cocoons under the influence of infrared rays and drying inanimate chrysalises of cocoons in shady shelves is a more effective method than drying them in high-temperature hot air. The application of this process includes the possibility of saving electricity and heat, maintaining the quality of processed cocoons naturally, and reducing the cost of dried cocoons. In addition, this innovative initial cocoon processing technique will lay the foundation for the development and expansion of processing of agricultural products (drying and storage of raw fruits), creating oil production technology from chrysalises of silkworm cocoons and their wide application in the cosmetic and medical industries.


live cocoon, dried cocoon, raw silk, cocoon chrysalis, infrared ray, solar energy, cocoon shell.