Research article


Dr Amita Gupta1, Aashirbad Nayak*, Bavleen Kaur*, Subham Kumar*, Chirag Kumar*, Ch Nirmala Singha*

Online First: December 22, 2022

Pedagogy is a teaching method in which teachers teach both theory and practice. Pedagogy is shaped by the educational beliefs of educators and incorporates their understanding of cultures and different learning styles. It is important that students build on their previous learning and build the meaningful class relationship. Pedagogy refers to the way in which students are taught, whether in theory or practice in education. It is the relationship between culture and learning technology. The main goal of pedagogy is to build on the student's previous learning and address the development of the learner's skills and attitudes. Pedagogy enables students to fully understand the subject matter and helps them apply what they have learned to their daily lives outside the classroom. The quality of education can dramatically improve when well-thought-out pedagogy is implemented in the classroom. This benefits students by helping them to fully understand the subject matter, thereby improving their learning outcomes. Pedagogy and child development are closely related. This helps students think differently and learn beyond traditional memorization and comprehension methods. It evokes complex learning processes such as student analysis, creative thinking and assessment. Also, students are more receptive to what teachers are teaching.


Education, Pedagogy, Technology, Teaching, Classroom