Research article


Fatima Talib Al.karim and Abbas S. S. Al-Wotaify

Online First: December 21, 2022

The current study selected soils from the districts and sub-districts of Babylon provainc within the soils of previous studies, as they are located between longitudes 32° 21` 4738`` - 32° 52` 8442``N, and between latitudes 44° 28` 2978`` -44° 42 `7610``E. This is to predict the aggravation of mineral transformations in the surface and bottom horizon soil clays of the studied soil pedons. The size distribution of the soil separates of the current study showed the predominance of sand, which ranged between 220-668 g kg-1 in the surface horizons, as well as the predominance of sand in the soils of the lower horizons, which ranged between 195-595 g kg-1. The total surface area of the upper horizons ranged between 115.40-208.07 m 2 g-1, and the lower horizons ranged between 252.18-117.59 m 2 g-1. The electrical conductivity was 3.10-20.13 and 5.67-22.51 dSiM-1. While the content of organic matter was between 1.82-13.92 and 9.87-12.07 g kg-1 for surface and bottom horizon soils respectively. The proportion of swollen chlorite within the composition of the applied mineral smectite-swollen chlorite ranged from 26.05-41.68% in the surface horizons soil clays. Within the composition of the applied mineral, chlorite-chlorite swelled between 29.53-48.65% in the lower horizons soil clays.


Prediction, Mineral Transformation, Soils, Babylon