Research article


(1)Fathia Attia mohammad Attia, (2) Hala Mohamed Sanad, (3) Safia Belal, (4) Haytham Soliman Ghareeb, (5) Zeinab Gamal Mohamed Ellatif Abouelezz.

Online First: December 21, 2022

Background: With patients having cardiac catheterization, nurses play a range of responsibilities and perform several tasks. Nursing care is given to a patient before, during, and following a cardiac catheterization operation. One of the most effective ways to support nurses' personal and professional development is coaching. Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of the coaching program on nurses’ performance regarding caring of patients undergoing cardiac catheterization. Method: Quasi-experimental research design was used to achieve the aim of this study. Setting: This study was carried out at the cardiac catheterization unit at Fayoum University Hospital. Sample: A convenient sample of all available nurses (50) worked at the previously mentioned setting. Tools of data collection: Four tools were used; Tool (I): Structured interviewing questionnaire consisted of two parts: Part (1): Sociodemographic characteristics of the studied nurses. Part (2): Nurses' knowledge questionnaire, Tool (II): Nurses' Attitude Scale, Tool (III): Observational checklist and Tool (IV): Coaching Practice Rating Scale, used by the nurses as a self-evaluation instrument to reveal the degree to which their coaching practices. Results: According to the findings of the current study, more than two third of the studied nurses had a good attitudes toward caring of patients undergoing cardiac catheterization, while less than two third of them had satisfactory levels of knowledge's and practices (58% and 60%) respectively. Additionally, there was a statistically significant association between the overall scores for nurses' knowledge, attitude, and practice (p.001). Conclusion: The coaching program improved nurses' performance concerning care of patients undergoing cardiac catheterization and improved their coaching skills. Recommendations: The coaching program for nurses should be applied continuously to help them become better coaches and professionals when caring of patients having cardiac catheterization.


Coaching Program Nurses’ Performance Patients Cardiac Catheterization