Research article


Eshonkulov Husniddin Pirimovich

Online First: December 20, 2022

The article talks about the concept of commenting on artistic work, the existence of its own traditions, such as commenting on a large-volume work in the form of a book, commenting on a lyrical work written in a specific genre. In it, terms such as "analysis", "interpretation", "explanation" and "tawil" are used in meanings close to "commentary" with attention to the essence, the commonality in them is the word of Rahmani or artistic, scientific, philosophical, religious, manifestation of mystical works in the explanation to the reader by specialists in the field, major research scientists, although in some places the sentence "commentary of the verse" is used, the expediency of understanding it in the meaning of the interpretation and explanation of the verse, as well as the peculiarities of the same concepts determined based on sources. Although there are elements characteristic of analysis and interpretation in the review, it is not considered research or interpretation, the analysis differs from the review by the breadth of its coverage, the nature of being intended for the specialist or the public, and similar classifications, and the review is often understood by the reader. complex theological-mystical concepts and phrases, metaphors and similes, etc., are revealed on the basis of analyzes such as the simple interpretation of them, and, accordingly, the commentary is directed to the public.


commentary, explanation, tawil, analysis, interpretation, commenting on a large-scale work in the form of a book, commenting on a work written in a specific genre of lyrical type.