Research article


Maisa Mustapher Ngongondo, Dr. Manvendra Singh

Online First: December 18, 2022

The existence of capable and competent employees in an organization is the basic need for its success. Lack of employees leads to lack of attainment of organizational goals. As any other organization, the Malawian Civil Service has been facing issues of high employees’ attrition which has been affecting the delivery of public services. It is with the above background that the author conducted this research with an objective to establish the factors leading to employees’ attrition in the Malawian Civil Services as well as to find out the consequences and best strategies which can help in addressing this challenge. The study was conducted using primary data collected through a questionnaire with respondents from various ministries, departments and agencies in the Malawian Civil Services. The study established the existence of high employees attrition in the Malawian civil services caused by various factors at different levels of management, age and experience. The findings also established that lack of proper incentives as one of the major causes of employees’ attrition in the service among many others. A number of strategies have been suggested by the study which will help in dealing with the challenge of employees’ attrition among various government institutions in Malawi.


Malawian Civil Service, Employees’ Attrition, Organization, Factors, Measures