Research article


Sarita Jiyal, Jitendra Sheethlani, Rakesh Kumar Saini

Online First: December 13, 2022

With urbanization demand for factories and vehicles increased exponentially. Resources are excessively used by human beings for comfort and development. The Burning of fossil fuels in factories and industries caused air pollution due to which different type of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases occurs to us. Air pollution by vehicles is also a major problem because the growth of vehicles increasing every year. Air quality is degrading rapidly with the increase of air pollution and it affects the human health, plants life and animals. All urban cities of world are facing problems related to climatic changes and poor air quality. Increase in industries, forest fires, burning of fuels, nuclear weapons are major factors for responsible to degrade air quality. The Major part of air pollution is because people using private transport. Due to this resources are burning rapidly and air pollution increased. Nowadays most of countries are developing smart cities to provide safe and healthy life to peoples. In this paper we discussed problems caused by air pollution and how can we monitor it by using the internet of things. We use gas sensors and dust sensors which are placed in traffic signals which are used for sensing the data. Arduino is used for analyzing data and data is stored in the cloud. People can get information by using the android application.


Health effects; IoT platform; Sensor calibration; Alarming unit