Research article


Ms. Rupinder Kaur 1, Dr. Monika Rani2, Dr. Amit Kumar 3

Online First: December 13, 2022

Food can be an effective way to promote a destination's name. Food's role in forming a destination's brand image and determining the advertisement as to regional cooking during improving the feature of vacationers stays along with developing a right path to sustain culinary tourism in. Food encounters have a personal link with visitors, so an experimental appreciation of legitimacy could be deeper relevant shortly pass operation toward meal (Wang, 1999; Cohen, 2002). This paper indicated the twofold: first, to explore the Haryana’s potential for food tourism, second if the significance of food in forming a destination picture. As well, destinations tardily take in the benefits of food tourism and research is conducted mind full branding and creating the affiliation between the regional / local food, the tourism industry and the food tourism products. In this paper the variety of food available, the relationship between local food and beverages and tourism, regional food of Haryana, destination image by a holiday, the respondents’ likeliness to cooperate in culinary globetrotting activities also effective potential as long as developing destination-based tourism in Haryana are discussed. To achieve the aim of this study, the author turn out secondary data from various journals, magazines, e- resources etc. As a result, food shares to the overall long-term prepossessing based on a touristy station. The study of this research deal and explore the component that affect a destination's picture, with a focus on local food and how tourists consume it.


food image, destination, Haryana, role of food, tourism, branding