Research article


Sanjay and Anil K. Berwal

Online First: December 10, 2022

The growing demand for energy by human society, climate change, and depletion of conventional energy sources require a low-cost and safe, energy source. This demand can be satiated by utilizing renewable energy resources as they become very popular, while solar energy that comes from sun is one of the environmentally friendly sources of renewable energy solution to fulfill the power demand by utilizing the potency of the sun in an eco-friendly way. The Indian government has set a goal of installing over 100 Gigawatts SPV plants by 2022, to meet its energy demand. Consequently, the generic PV power plant installation and commissioning checklist for the validation of installation quality of photovoltaic system components and complete grid-connected PV system has been described for the assistance of project developers and clients. In Addition, a set of recommended strategies and assessments has been described and possibly that can be provide a measure of hardware and installation integrity, verify the safety, compliance with the applicable standards/codes and overall system performance. For the above study, a particular case of 50kW Solar PV plant was taken and the complete design and performance evaluation method was discussed in detail.


Photovoltaic, inverter, field tests, PV array tests, anti-islanding, earthing, earth fault protection, open - circuit test, short circuit test.