Research article


Dr. Prabhuswami Hiremath1, Dr. Mrs. Vaishali R. Mohite2, Mrs. Lekshmi Sudhish Nair3

Online First: December 10, 2022

Background: Congenital malformations not only affects the diseased but also extends to many at risk individuals as well as to their families and adds to the socio-economic burden of the society. Recent investigations are reaching cause from all direction and paternal factors are much given importance as they too lead to notable genetically based malformations. Methodology: Present descriptive, cross sectional; hospital based study was conducted in Krishna Hospital Karad. The study included all the Pregnant Mother diagnosed to have congenital birth defected fetus through antenatal examinations, delivered baby with diagnoses of congenital malformation, who were admitted at Tertiary care hospital Karad or came for reference services. Among all data, paternal age was segregated to study in depth about effect on congenital malformation. Results: In this study considering the prevalence with number of birth, it is 1.4% and calculating with number of neonates admitted its prevalence rate is 5.3%. As per as paternal age is concerned, 73 % of fathers of the malformation babies were are above 26 years of age and 25 % were above 36 years of age. Considering the mothers age maximum anomalies 116 (41%) were to the mothers with age of 21 to 25 years. There are 52 (18.4%) mothers between age group of 31 to 35 and 54 (19.1%) mothers above 6 years of age. Conclusion: Even though some of previous study results supports our study findings, however, the etiological causes for these malformations could not be advanced paternal age but the risk factors associated with age must not be ruled out.


Maternal, paternal, age, congenital malformations