Research article


Dr. Prabhuswami Hiremath, Dr. Mrs. Vaishali R. Mohite, Mrs. Lekshmi Sudhish Nair

Online First: December 10, 2022

Background: Alarming statistics shows 76 % of all neonatal deaths due to congenital anomalies occurring in the Southeast Asian countries were contributed by India. Material and Methods: The data was collected at Krishna Hospital India from September 2016 to august 2017. For each case, a detailed antenatal and maternal was collected. Results: When compared with prevalence with number of birth, it is 1.4% and calculating with number of neonates admitted its prevalence rate is 5.3%. Maximum congenital malformed babies were Male 180 (63.60%), 244 (86.22%) were Live, 13-20 Week gestational aged mother were 45 (16%). Birth Weight of Baby shows that maximum, 97 (34.28%) babies belongs to less than 1500grams, mother maximum 116 (39.46%), 75 (26.50%) mothers completed Primary School Certificate and maximum 167 (59.2%), mothers were Unemployed / House. Conclusion: Considering the age, occupation, education and gestational age of the mother, it would be concluded that increased maternal age, exposure to any pollution in occupation are risk for developing fetal anomalies where as increased education and good appropriate maternal care can reduce significantly the risk of malformation.


Demographic Profile, Mothers, Congenital Malformation