Research article


Nagham Hussein Neama, Rasha H. Abbood, Karrar Azeez AlDaham

Online First: December 07, 2022

Purpose- Accelerated life change due to globalization pushes global organizations, and companies who are interested in environments and their effects to think deeply in renewable energy and its importance, especially after many researches and studies that related to the side effects of normal sources of energy on societies and nature as well. Design- Methodology- Approach- the current research aims to investigate the importance of renewable energy and its contribution to achieve sustainable development; it divides into four parts; started firstly with explain the main idioms of renewable energy; secondly explaining the main idioms that related to sustainable development; and third one working on finding the correlation between renewable energy & sustainable development; while the fourth part tries to analyze certain statistical numbers that reflect the consumption of renewable energy due to different source of data. Findings- Most obvious results are related to the positive role of renewable energy in achieving sustainable development due to its role in recuring clean energy consumption at acceptable margins of prices. Research limitations- implications- Still there is a power resistance to understand this methodology, due to the lack of knowledge of the importance role of both renewable energy and sustainable development, that leads the researchers to study only certain cases. Practical implications- Researchers depend only on describing the phenomena in general and trying to build a virtual successful case if it adopts positively in certain community. Social implications- Decreasing the side effects of using normal sources of energy especially after the international fear of climate change as a result of increased emissions that announced recently in (COP 26). Originality- Value- it is a unique study that dealt with this dynamic phenomenon for time being especially in analyzing the economic effects on certain community as in Iraq.


Renewable energy, sustainable development, virtual case; climate change