Research article


A. Ammupriya, Dr.S. Preetha

Online First: December 07, 2022

The purpose of this research study to highlight the effect of human resources information systems (HRIS) Adoption, influencing the job satisfaction by considering the mediating effect of employee motivation to set up current, demanding information technology. Succeeding an experimental study, quantitative research done with positivist approach. A sample of 350 responses collected from different organization employees working under HRIS Applications and analysed using statistical package for social sciences and structural equation modelling. The results show that HRIS Adoption enlightens the values of job satisfaction and employee motivation is considerably important in an organization for running successful and moreover, the correlation between human resource information system and Employee motivation was found to be moderately positive and statistically significant. The researcher was found difficult to analysis the differences among the employee motivation in an organization to meet their personal and professionally gratified with job satisfaction are hinted and need further analysis. Inspirations of involving HRIS towards the organization will support the HR department and the employees to get information from the applications. Still facing the low enthusiasm towards HRIS implementations to success of change. Implementations of HRIS will support the employees to be satisfied with the work. The study determines its originality and the consequence of the current research, with leading key factors, successful and the implementation of HRIS, researcher discussed HRIS with employee motivation and the job satisfaction involved in the organization sector.


Employee Motivation, Human Resource Information System, Job Satisfaction