Research article


Tarmiza Latipovna Khurvalieva1, Rano Khamidovna Nosirova2, Nodira Khamidovna Maripova3, Maryam Jumaniyazovna Abdullayeva4

Online First: November 30, 2022

This research was aimed at studying the psychological and pedagogical conditions for the formation of the art therapy culture of elementary school students, taking into account the characteristics of age development, on the one hand, and the impact of psycho-traumatic increasing information flows, on the other. Creation of a system of aesthetic education that ensures the development and formation of the art therapy culture of students, art therapy knowledge, skills and abilities throughout their education in elementary school and includes updating and expanding the content of education in the subjects of the artistic and aesthetic cycle by enriching it with pedagogical technology for the use of art therapy in primary school. Consideration of the process of formation of art therapy culture from the point of view of self-development of educational systems in a general education school leads us to the problems of development and formation of creative self-development processes in younger schoolchildren.


art therapy, new technologies, teacher, preschool education