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Online First: November 30, 2022

The correct Organization of practical work in achieving educational results that meet the requirements of the national program, the correct choice of strategies for the development of practical skills of students is an urgent issue facing a skilled educator. After all, readers, on the basis of theoretical knowledge, know, visualize and understand the essence of various natural objects, phenomena and processes, natural phenomena and processes that they observe in everyday life received terms, concepts and general laws on Sciences explains, applies in practice, relying on knowledge, skills and abilities. In the 21st century, it became increasingly clear that research skills and abilities are necessary not only for people whose life is associated with scientific activity, but also for everyone. The ability of students to find the necessary information from various sources of information, apply it in their personal and professional activities, apply the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired in the natural sciences to solve problems arising in their personal, professional and social activities, compliance with safety rules and rational use of various equipment; applied to the sustainable development of its own marriage and living territory the mobilization of their skills shows the importance of developing their creativity. Obtaining hydrogen by electrolysis As an electrode for electrolysis, it is possible to use a black pencil (it is advisable to take a solid pencil of the"T" brand or graphite inside an old battery), on which the back part is engraved and a copper wire is connected, until the graffiti comes out. In the absence of test tubes for gas collection, a 10 ml syringe can be used. Having made a circle from a piece of plywood or plastic, an electrolyzer is assembled (fig.