Research article


Batool Fatima Khaleel1, Dr. K B Glory2, Ramesh Rajuri3 & Prarthana Earla4

Online First: November 30, 2022

English language learners in EFL context experience many problems that may obstruct their learning. One of the biggest challenge for them is the usage of English language only inside the college. The academic environment of the college encourages the learners to acquire English language through ESL Context. However, the students are supposed to express their views in English not only inside the college but also outside the college environment. Whereas the situations are quite diverse in EFL learning, the student learns English within a classroom, but when a student leaves the classroom, he/ she choose to use her/ his own language even outside the classroom. Under these circumstances, the research is carried out to focus on pedagogical factors that influence English teaching. The qualitative research study is administered with 12 English teachers, and 50 Students randomly taken from five branches of engineering studying at Bharat Institute of Engineering and Technology. The result of the study showed that three main approaches used in the foreign language classrooms. They were Communicative Language Teaching, Grammar Translation Method and Total Physical Response. The data was gathered by means of COLT (Communicative Orientation of Language Teaching) perception strategy, and the interview questions. The data from the perception strategy was examined by extent figuring while analysis of content was conducted with the interview data. The coding for the perceptions and records for the interviews were accomplished more than once at various ways to check consistency and to accomplish unwavering quality and legitimacy. The results were discussed in the context of EFL teaching and some pedagogical implications were proposed.


English language teaching, EFL teachers, Learners perception, pedagogical skills, subject knowledge