Research article


Udara Rangana Jayathilaka, Bojindra Prasad Tulachan, Gi-Cheon Park

Online First: November 21, 2022

The study concentrates on the establishment of strategic trends in the market that might assist a business or investor in entering South Korea's vast market. The research aims are to examine the phenomena of marketing strategy from a practical and theoretical standpoint. Notably, the study analyzes the country's marketing environment in order to highlight key contrasts between South Korea and other nations and to identify elements that impact strategic choices. The theoretical framework defines the marketing environment and strategic-planning principles. The methodology section contains graphic representations of the strategic process to help create a clearer image. The study gathered data from academic journals, books, statistics, articles, case studies, periodicals, and reports. The methodology is supported by empirical study on South Korea's external factors. Finally, the paper analyzes the Korean market in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic. The study findings do not deliver an undeniable course of action for the example business; rather, the whole argument is a recommendation based on the findings that may be modified in the future.


South Korea, marketing trends, strategic management, marketing environment, extensive market