Research article


Theiva chandran R, *Dr.Anju Cecil, Dr.Rajesh kumar S

Online First: November 21, 2022

Aim:The aim of this study is to analyze the cytotoxic effect of silver nanoparticles using Lodhra and cinnamon bark extract. Introduction:Nano biomedicine, an emerging field of medicine and the implication of biosynthesis of nanomaterials to be incorporated with naturally available substances is increasing in popularity.They are used for treating various diseases effectively with minimal to zero side effects. The manufacturing cost of these medications are also considerable. Materials and method :0.574 grams of silver nitrate was added to 500 ml of distilled water and to this lodhra bark extract has been added. The solution is kept in a shaker and the reading was taken for every 2 hrs for analyzing the synthesis of nanoparticles.100 ml of distilled water is mixed with 1 g of lodhra and cinnamon extract and distilled .The filtrate(20 ml) is mixed with 1 milli mole of silver nitrate mixed in 80 ml of distilled water.There were total of 10 shrimps per dilution.The concentration includes 5 μl,10μl,20μl,40μl,80μlAnd control group.The artificial sea water up to 10mL per test tube is control. The test tubes were left uncovered under a lamp. The number of surviving shrimps were counted and recorded after 24hrs. The percentage of motility was calculated by dividing the total number of dead nauplii by the total number and then multiplied by 100%..This is to ensure that the death of nauplii is attributed to the compounds present in nanoparticles. Results: Plant extract mediated by silver nanoparticle at 5μL of concentration exhibited a high cytotoxicity of activity of 65%.This shows that Lodhra and cinnamon extract mediated nano particle has better cytotoxic effect even at 5μL which is more than 50%. Conclusion:From this study it is clear that silver nanoparticles incorporated lodhra and cinnamon showed effective cytotoxic activity even at low concentration.


Cinnamon,nanoparticles ,Lodhra bark, silver, Cytotoxic effect