Research article


Dadi Dadi, Bagus Kukuh Udiarto

Online First: September 30, 2022

Every organism has its own environment and will do whatever it takes to live. However, over time it is hazardous to some coexisting organisms, particularly people and nature. Ecosystem is also a coherent entire and comprehensive order between all environmental factors that influence one another. The purpose of this paper is to investigate conservation and environmental preservation in light of ecological maintenance. This study employs a qualitative, descriptive methodology. In the midst of the threat posed by the global environmental catastrophe, the study's findings indicate that environmental conservation has become a genuine topic of discussion. Because the environmental issue is considered to be the most significant concern of this century, affecting both current and future generations. Experts have determined that the environmental crisis has resulted in a variety of natural disasters, climate change, global warming, a decline in the quality of life, and the imminent annihilation of the planet. Therefore, people throughout the world are continually searching for a global solution to this dilemma. It is essential to formulate environmental conservation policies based on the current state of events.


Ecology, Ecosystem, Conservation, Preservation, Environment.