Research article


M Mahesh1, Dr. Sheetalrani R Kawale2, Mr. D.PraveenKumar3, Dr. Santhebennur Jayappa Veeresh4, Dillip Narayan Sahu5*, Dr. M. A. Barote6

Online First: November 21, 2022

The food industry is no exception to the widespread benefits provided by information and communication technologies. On the other side, we live in a society where people are always struggling to put food on the table. More advanced technology may boost productivity, quality, and profitability. In many countries, IoT devices and apps are used by the food industry to ensure that food is safe to eat, transport, package, monitor temperature, analyse nutrition, and detect spoiled items in real time. The primary concerns of this research were related to the Internet of Things (IoT) in food technology, namely food production, security concerns, and potential remedies. This was achieved by a qualitatively performed comprehensive literature review. The results showed that Internet of Things (IoT) and associated technologies positively offer their full support to raise both the demand for and the quality of food production. In the meanwhile, the most pressing technological challenges facing the security of IoT devices and applications are related to concerns about personal data privacy. It discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using IoT solutions in FSCs, as well as emerging technologies like Industry 4.0, blockchain, intelligent packaging, and artificial intelligence.


Food Industries, Safety, Transportation, Sensor, Industry 4.0 and Smart phones.