Research article


Dr. Gauri Kalnoor, Dr. B. Senthil Kumar, Dr. Shaik saidhbi, Mr. I.Yasar Shariff, Ms. Challa Vijaya Madhavi Lakshmi, Dr.S.Kiruba

Online First: November 15, 2022

The development of new technologies in our day and age has led to the downsizing of sensors, and efforts to use them in a variety of applications are succeeding. They are also moving toward a concept of "smart" like smart health care systems, smart cities, smart mobility, smart grid, smart home, and smart metering, etc. as a result of the adoption of the Internet of Things (CoT) and cloud computing in all areas. The future of computers and communications may be seen in the innovative technology known as the cloud of things. The majority of people on all continents rely on agriculture. Smart IT technologies are thus required to move alongside conventional agricultural practices. Agriculture is one such field of study that has also benefited from this adoption, making it a Smart Agriculture. Utilizing contemporary technology allows for cost, maintenance, and performance monitoring management. In contemporary agriculture, satellite and aerial photography are crucial. Any nation with a big population, like China, India, etc., relies heavily on agriculture to support its economy and way of life. Through cost management, performance monitoring, and maintenance, the use of CoT and Cloud Computing in the agricultural industry will improve crop output, benefitting both farmers and the whole country. Understanding the various technologies and developing sustainable smart agriculture are the goals of this study. A wireless network is used to address a simple CoT agricultural scenario. The introduction of a smart drone for crop management is the main emphasis of this study, and real-time drone data combined with CoT and cloud computing technologies aid in the development of a sustainable smart agriculture. Using cloud computing as the foundation, we examined several common uses of Agriculture CoT Sensor Monitoring Network technologies in this article.


Cloud of Things (CoT), Wireless Network, Agriculture, Smart IT technologies