Research article


Poli Gogoi, Bishnu Pal Hazarika, Sultana Khan

Online First: November 15, 2022

We are living in a global age. In the present scenario, we all talk about egalitarian rights for all. Women have been a prime concern nowadays as they represent the vulnerable section of society. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our country, had a major role in upholding the conditions of women. According to Gandhi, women are not like toys or dolls played by patriarchal society. Men and women are equally responsible for solving societal challenges. India’s future rests on the enlightenment of women. In the All India Women’s Conference in 1936, Gandhi stated, "When a woman, whom we call abala, becomes sabala, all those who are helpless will become powerful". It reflects Gandhi’s focus on women’s independence in the battle for the establishment of an anti-monopolization society. According to Gandhi, women are considered the potential force through which a society can be understood perfectly. Women have to be fearless if they want to be free. Gandhi accepts that the affliction of women is due to psychological fear imposed on them by society rather than physical incapacity. Gandhi was the most ardent supporter of women’s liberation and worked to elevate women’s status in Indian society. According to him, for development to happen in a true form in the society it is important that both of them (men and women) share equal opportunities and status in the society. Development would not be possible if a half of the population of the society remains under the domination of others. This article intends to discuss Gandhi’s view on women. Although not in a very systematic manner, Mahatma Gandhi through his active participation in the independent movements sought to liberate women from all those evil practices prevalent in society and subordinated their rights as a human being.


Women, Empowerment, Equality.