Research article


Beeraka chalapathi, Dr. G. Rajini

Online First: November 15, 2022

The speedy process of globalization continues in the world that has brought many issues also. Environmental issues are one of the critical issues that affects all the livings in the world. Nowadays, consumers have worried about the future of the world and as results of this, they mostly prefer environment friendly products. Green or environment-friendly products can be a win-win situation today. The benefits of green products include helping the organisation stand out in a competitive market. Building and maintaining the Green Branding has become one of the vital issues for the organizations in the present dominance of consumer environmentalism. Therefore, this study is conducted to analyse the perception of consumers on the components of green brand equity, overall green brand equity and their impact on purchase intention towards sustainable apparel products in Chennai.This study is based on a sample of 110 consumers who are buying sustainable apparel products with green features in Chennai district. After the data collection by using structured questionnaire, Descriptive and inferential analysis are employed to analyse the data. Independent Sample “t” Test, Correlation and Multiple Regression are applied to test the hypotheses. The study revealed that demographic variables of the consumers(Gender and Years of usage) have influence on the Green Brand Equity and Purchase Intention. It is also found that there is a strong positive relationship between the Green Brand Equity and Purchase Intention towards sustainable apparel products. Out of five components, ‘Perceived Green Brand Quality’ has contributed more to the ‘Overall Green Brand Equity’ (OGBE) and ‘Purchase Intention’ towards Green branded sustainable apparel products. Based on the results of the study, it is suggested that the manufacturers, brand managers, marketers of the sustainable apparel products should take more appropriate steps to formulate green marketing strategies and build strong green brand equity which would lead to more purchase intention of consumers towards their products and sustainability of their business performance.


Green Marketing, Sustainable Apparel products, Green Brand Equity, Perceived Green Brand Quality, Perceived Green Brand Value, Perceived Green Brand Image, Perceived Green Brand Trust, Purchase Intention.