Research article


S Archana & K Usha Rani

Online First: November 15, 2022

In today’s Corporate World, English has its own significance in the process of recruitment. In times of the recruitment, employers will receive more number of applicants and would like to hire those candidates who are well-rounded with employability skills. The better the student skills are enhanced in English, the higher their scope of employability. Students need to enhance their English Language Competencies along with their technical or professional knowledge. So, in the process of recruitment many of the Corporate Organizations will filter the students those who are equipped with these skills. As a part of Employability, fresh graduates need to acquire skills to work well with the people within and outside the organization, which includes interpersonal skills. These skills include wide areas that cover both the verbal and non-verbal skills (Communication Skills), Team Working, Negotiating, Listening, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Problem Solving and a few others. Thus, acquiring English Language Skills and Employability are interconnected. This paper mainly focuses on the importance of English Language Proficiency for Employability.


Corporate World – Employability Skills – Professional Knowledge – Communication Skills