Research article


Roaa Ehsan Makki1, Maram Saeed Shrethan Aljohani2, Maram Taher Alghabbashi3, Mohammed Saleh Alshmemri4

Online First: November 15, 2022

In any organization a primary challenge is always there to address the issue of talent management globally. To meet with the modern challenges and needs, every organization is always keen to make a pool of talented person thus why there is always need of talent management by putting under this umbrella of acquiring, retaining and developing of talent management. This was the reason that this study was conducted in the field of nursing which is backbone of Medical field. Aims: to investigate the effect of talent management on organization performance among nurses in practice at King Abdul-Aziz Hospital and King Faisal Hospital. Sample and Method: By using convenient sampling technique with a sample of 286 nurses including both genders were recruited. Quantitative cross-sectional research design was used. While data collection was completed within one month. A previously modified scale of Dahshan et al. (2018) used to collect the data for all three domains of talent management and organization performance. Results: Showed that there is a strong connection between talent management with organizational performance. All objectives and hypotheses were approved and achieved. Conclusion: The outcomes generate broader implications for organizations to incorporate comprehensive talent management strategies in their strategic planning to sustain market competitiveness. Limitations: This study cannot be generalized as it is based on a convenience (smaller) sample. Further study would require a larger sample drawing from a larger swath of the Saudi Arabian healthcare system. Suggestions: There is a need to bring betterment in the service structure of medical staff especially nurses which are the backbone of the medical field. Nurses, job security needs to be proved as well as incentives need to be increased and future researches could continue this study by moving a step forward in these domains.


Talent, Management, Nurses, Organization Performance.