Research article


1Nel Fernando Encarnación Valentin, 1Flor De María Lioo Jordan, 1José del Carmen Cuellar Reyes, 1Abraham William García Chapoñan, 1María Melitta Hurtado Zamora, 1Pompeyo Minaya Gutiérrez

Online First: November 15, 2022

The study revolves around evaluating the quality of the water resource to preserve the biodiversity of a coastal El Paraíso wetland. To achieve this purpose, the work was organized in two stages: first, a compilation of the studies carried out on coastal wetlands was made, and in the final stage, fieldwork was carried out, with the collection of samples for their study and analysis of water quality, which is the primary source of the study. Sampling points were selected, water samples were analyzed, and the process of reviewing the environmental contamination parameters was established and carried out in order to determine the level of quality, which, according to international standards and adapted to Peruvian regulations, corresponds to the Environmental Quality Standards (ECA) and the Maximum Permissible Limits (MPL) for water. The results showed that 50% of the evaluated physical-chemical elements show indicators outside the acceptable range and the other 50% are within the legal parameters. According to these results, it is considered urgent to declare the “El Paraíso” wetland as a natural conservation area and, as a consequence, to protect and preserve the water resource that is being affected by chemical compounds and chemical elements as a consequence, the preservation of the biodiversity of the El Paraíso coastal wetland.


Preserve, wetland, ecosystem, biodiversity, quality.