Research article


Maksudi Zen Muttaqin 1, Didi Turmudzi 2, Yaya Mulyana Abdul Aziz 3

Online First: September 30, 2022

This study aims to examine the implementation of the free education financing policy, the factors that determine the policy, and the free education policy model in Banten Province. This study has been informed by Goggin's theory focuses on its three main aspects of message content, form and perception of leadership. First, the message content includes; policy clarity, message credibility, and policy consistency. Second, the form of the message includes; policy efficiency, community participation, frequency of message repetition, type of policy and policy recipients. Third is the perception of leadership, namely; resources, leadership legitimacy of policy makers and leadership credibility. The method used in this study is descriptive qualitative with a case study approach. Data collection techniques employed in this study include observation, interviews and documentation with a purposive network sampling technique. According to this sampling, the researcher will choose informants who can be trusted and are considered to understand the research problem. Data analysis techniques in this study include: 1). Data collection, 2). Data refinement, 3). Data processing, 4). Data analysis, 5). Finding triangulation (data confirmation), 6). Conclusion of research results. This study revealed that: firstly, the implementation of free education financing in Banten Province has not been effective. Policy messages still give rise to different perceptions. The financing pattern changes every year. The procurement of school goods and services causes problems due to errors in implementing regulations. This policy also eliminates the participation of guardians of students, however, it has strong legitimacy due to efforts to mobilize funding sources and commitment from regional leaders. Secondly, the factors that determine policy include the commitment of regional leaders, communication effectiveness, availability of human resources, financial resources, and political support. Thirdly, the implementation model of the free education financing policy, namely, the content of the policy message needs to be conveyed clearly so that it is understood by both implementers and policy recipients. The policy messages must have credibility, and be delivered consistently. The free education financing policy is implemented by paying attention to efficiency, active community participation, repetition of messages conveyed by policy makers so that policy implementers understand, having the type of policy that is in accordance with regional conditions and situations and positive responses from policy recipients. Policy effectiveness must also be supported by human and financial resources, as well as having strong leadership legitimacy and credibility. The model for implementing the free education financing policy in Banten Province in 2018-2020 has at least increased the Average Length of School (RLS) 0.15 years, Gross Participation Rate (APK) 0.55, Pure Participation Rate (APM) 0.11. The Human Development Index (HDI) of Banten Province is 72.45.


Model, Policy Implementation, Financing, Free Education