Research article


Aziza Abdikamalova, Shakhnoza Kuldasheva, Izzat Eshmetov, Dilmurad Abdurakhimov, Ilxomjon Akhmadjanov, Sanjarbek Mamayusupov

Online First: November 11, 2022

Reduction of soil characteristics, degradation due to water and wind erosion is a global problem of our time. Degradation of soil from moderate to severe affects almost 2 billion hectares of arable and pasture lands. One of the ways to improve soil characteristics, increase the stability of soil aggregates, fixing mobile sands, stabilize clays is to treat them with polymer materials. This review is aimed at studying the erosive destruction of soil and methods of treatment with polymer materials and their impact on the stability of aggregates, runoff and infiltration indicators of the soil system. Polyacrylamide polymers, etc. were analyzed as a structure-forming agent, the behavior of polymer macromolecules in the polymer during stabilization and structure formation. Comparative characteristics of stabilization under the influence of bio- and synthetic polymer solutions are highlighted. It is shown that the synergetic improvement of soil characteristics from the treatment of a mixture of polymers compared to individual polymers.


polymers, structure–forming agents, stabilization, aggregates, degradation, water-soluble polymers, soil water-strong aggregates