Research article


Hamdia Al-Hamdani, Amer Alnaemi, Azhar getan

Online First: November 11, 2022

Aims: In order to increase milk preservation time and transfer it from the remote agricultural areas raising cows to the dairy factory in the city center, and because of the lack of application of this technique in Iraqi factories or lack thereof, we have implemented this research. Methodology and results: The milk was concentrated as a first stage by ultrafiltration for the purpose of standardizing its composition from the ratio of protein and total solids and later used in the manufacture of yoghurt and was preserved for several days by adding lemongrass (cymbopogon) extract, the results of the models taken from the ultra-filtration showed that the trance membrane pressure TMP and the speed of flow had a clear effect on the ratio of protein isolate and total solids and was (93% and 26%) respectively, and the milk was concentrated to 2.7 by membrane measuring 10 kDalton and the permeate flux was about 5-15 L/, Conclusion, significance and impact of study: The results of the biological test of concentrated milk with two doses of lemongrass extract the first 100 mg/ml and 200mg/ml were non-existent after 24 hours and about (240CFU/ml) after 48 hours.


Concentrated milk, Microbial conten ,Ultra-filtration technology,.