Research article


Dr Abhishek Shipte, Dr. Gajanan Balkrishn Patil, Dr. Shobhit Dave

Online First: November 08, 2022

Sciatica is disease in which there is limping gait and pain start from lumber region and spread to posterior aspect of thigh foreleg up to foot. Proper movements of each and every part of body is basic need of human being. In Gŗudhrasī there is much restriction of movement to certain extent. We can be correlate Sciatica with Gŗudhrasī. In Sciatica there is pain in lower extremities and unsteady gait. Stress in day-to-day life style, excessive travelling, jerky movement, bad posture affects spinal cord resulting loss of lordosis which effect on locomotor system. This may turn into Sciatica. Syndrome Sciatica is worldwide disease. About 5%. population is affected from Sciatica.4% female and 5% male have experience of Sciatica per year. It affects social and personal life of human being. Modern medicine has limited source of treatment such as temporary medication with analgesics, sedatives etc. physiotherapy and lastly surgery. According to Āyurveda most of disease are caused by vitiated Vāta Doşa. In Āyurveda Snehana[Oleation] Svedana[fomentation] and Bastī (enema) are main Cikitsā [treatment] for Vāta Doşa, of which Bastī is main treatment for Vāta Doşa. According to Ācārya Caraka among treatment of Vāta Doşa, Basti is most effective and powerful treatment. Basti is the best mode of administration of the drug as Ācārya Caraka has mentioned “the medicine administered through anus is more effective in the disorder of Pakvāśaya. The simplest type of Basti [Enema] Mātrā Basti [Oil Enema] which can be used in O.P.D. patients also and is harmless was taken for the study. According to Ayurveda Basti gives complete this study trial done on 30 patients with Mahamash tail matra Basti [Oil enema] for 9 days results show that the statistical analysis revealed that there are statistically significant improvements in parameters like Rūka(pain), Toda (pricking sensation), Staṃbha (stiffness), Spañdana (fasciculation). The improvement remained same after the follow up period. Significant reduction in magnitude of Pain and marked improvement seen in schober”s test, and degree of S.L.R even after the follow up period also . This proves that Basti has got a long-term effect also. This shows that Mahāmāşa Taila mātrā Basti is significantly effective in Gŗudhrasī.