Research article

Comparison of Responses to Two High-Intensity Intermittent Training Protocols.

P. Suganya, M.S.Sundaram, P.Senthilselvam, S.Senthilkumar, A.Viswanath Reddy, C.Rajeswari

Online First: November 08, 2022

Aim: This study aimedto compare the blood lactate response, perceptual response and enjoyment response to Resistance High-Intensity Intermittent Training protocol and Running High-Intensity Intermittent Training protocol. Methodology: Twelve college students,six males (age group 21.7±0.8 years) and six females (21.3±1.4years),performed two separate high-intensity intermittent training(HIIT) protocols on two different days. The protocols were Resistance HIIT and Running HIIT. Blood lactate responses were measured immediately 3 minutes after exercise, perceived muscle sorenesswas measured pre-training, 10 minutes after training(post1) and 48 hours post-training (post2); rating of perceived exertion was noted immediately after training, and physical activity enjoyment responses were assessed after 10 minutes of training protocols. Results:In both protocols, the blood lactate responses showed 2.5 times rise from pre-exercise to post-exercise. There were no significant differences between post 1 and post 2 perceived muscle soreness scales in both training protocols. Rating of perceived exertion(RPE) responses was similar in both protocols. Physical activity enjoyment responses were also similar in both protocols. Conclusion: Both resistance HIIT and running HIIT showed vigorous Blood lactate and RPE responses. Both groups perceived muscle soreness but no interaction effects were noted. Enjoyment responses were positive in both the high-intensity intermittent protocols.


high-intensity intermittent training, blood lactate response, resistance exercise, treadmill running, perceptual response