Research article


Dr. Md. Rahmatullah

Online First: November 08, 2022

The study is conducted for analysis of investment pattern followed by risk return behaviour of the investors in India. Investors of India are mostly concerned with the security and rate of return as an important factor to consider huge risk in order to make investment decisions suitable for them. Major objective of this research is to carefully understand the importance affecting the preference in investment pattern and whether these decisions of Indian investors will help to gain benefits in future. This research also studies the pattern of savings and investments whereas the initiatives taken by government in order to boost investments channels, parameters considered before investing. Indian investor’s behaviour is an attempt based upon their investment preferences, apprehension, recognition, and influence on dissimilar investment policies. This article contains the thought processes and perceptions in order to bring tremendous growth as well as development by inculcating habit of investment which would lead to an increase in volumes of investments. The result also shows a positive and favourable opinion amongst them with capital mobilization and eagerness to explore more about the mode of investments.Sample of 186 investors were surveyed to know the investment pattern and risk return behaviour of Indian investors.The study found some of significant investment pattern and risk return behaviour of Indian investors which are considered by the investors before they make their investment decision.


Investment, Decisions, Investors, Research, Behaviour