Research article

A historical Reading in the Arab-foreign conflicts during the twentieth century: Arab-Israeli conflict as a model

Dr. Bader Hameed Mansi Al Sulami

Online First: November 08, 2022

This study aimed to shed light on the development of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the twentieth century AD, it touched on the roots and historical depth of the background of this conflict, it began almost since the establishment of the Zionist Organization at the end of the nineteenth century AD in 1897 in Switzerland, then the study focused on the features of the Arab-Israeli conflict, such as the historical, geographical, ideological and numerical features of humanity, then the study showed the most important stages of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and each of the three stages differs from the other stage in terms of strength and weakness on both sides. In 1982 and 2006, and the Gaza war in 2008, the study concluded with the conclusion of the research and the most important findings and recommendations. The researcher has followed the descriptive historical research method, and the most important results are: that the Israeli-Jewish ambitions in the Arab lands did not start in the twentieth century, but began since the establishment of the Zionist Organization in 1897 AD, and also that this conflict is ongoing and ongoing, and that the Arabs are demanding their legitimate rights in the lands occupied. The researcher reached other results and made some recommendations.