Research article


P.Thangamuthu, Dr.M.Ramkumar

Online First: November 08, 2022

The phrase attrition refers to the scaling down of personnel in an organization. it takes place because of resignation, retirement, or due to demise of the employee. the personnel goes away the organization due to many reasons as he can also also be getting excessive salary, higher job positions in some other commercial enterprise enterprise or he may additionally moreover want to trade his profession. presently it business enterprise in india is dealing with immoderate workforce attrition. young Genius doesn’t stick to one enterprise for more than one year. organizations have to have to be higher cautious at the same time as hiring the staff. the job opportunities in the indian it quarter are extra than the on hand employee's demand is more than supply. due to the high attrition rate, the price of the organization will increase due to training, development, and socialization and additionally affects productiveness and exclusive expenses on the employees. this paper goals to provide an explanation for why the indian it quarter is dealing with the easiest attrition charge and some of the remedial steps to avoid or decrease the turnover rate.


Organisational system Related Factors, Business Related Factors Supervisor Related Factors, Individual Related Factors, Employee Related System, Retention Strategies.