Research article


Sandra Yanet Velazco Flórez1, Alexandra Abuchar Porras2, Álvaro Enrique Rodríguez Paéz3, Fredys A. Simanca H.4

Online First: November 08, 2022

This article shows a different way of visualizing geospatial information through the interaction between Digital Terrain Models (DTM), satellite images and Augmented Reality (AR). In this case, using Unity, a platform for the creation of interactive content in real time, the DTMs together with the satellite images are converted into a 3D object that can be displayed in Augmented Reality. This procedure requires simple raster geoprocessing and a combination of spectral bands, which allow a better visualization and identification of the study area (municipality of El Carmen de Chucurí). At the end with the superposition of these integrated elements in augmented reality environments, we obtain a visualization of the area with 3D dimensioning. This link will have a positive impact on the interpretation of the relief with an interactive and immersive experience with models of natural phenomena, representing these real phenomena in a three-dimensional environment. Currently, to generate this type of procedure, proprietary tools and software must be available for this purpose, so the methodology implemented to go from a Digital Model of the Territory to a 3D object opens the possibility for many more researchers and even Users unrelated to programming or Geographic Information Systems are interested in Geospatial Augmented Reality and can make use of a wide variety of resources and inputs to develop their own projects. Likewise, this methodology opens the doors to glimpse the possibility of implementing this methodology in other areas and integrating Geospatial Augmented Reality in other sectors and fields of research. Finally, this research and technical production provides the academic community and other interested parties with a model of the methodological process to obtain 3D Objects that represent geography and relief, specifically applied to the Colombian territory.


Augmented Reality, Digital Terrain Models, satellite images, DTM, AR.