Research article

Experimental Studies of the Operating Capacity of the Cotton Cleaner with a Screw Pods

Ibrat Razhabov1, Abdukhalil Safoev1, Elmurod Narmatov1

Online First: November 08, 2022

The article presents the design of the developed cleaner, where outfits with peg drums, a screw body is used, and the results of experimental studies of the operability of a screw working body with pegs located along a helical line for cleaning raw cotton from fine litter. The design and features of an experimental setup with a strain gauge measuring element are presented. It was found that the load on the tuning peg changes, depending on its position, in one turn of the screw. Moreover, this range of variation is from 50 to 300 cN, which is associated with the coefficients of friction, when interacting with the mesh surface. It is shown that the cleaning effect of the screw body decreases with an increase in the number of pegs along the perimeter, and the loads on the pegs also decrease with an increase in the filling factor and the number of pegs around the perimeter and increase with an increase in the working pegs.