Research article


Cesar B. Vallejo

Online First: September 28, 2022

When it comes to the construction of structures, the laying of foundations is the most important first step because this is what transfers the gravity loads to the ground, and these must be laid on soils that are both stable and robust. The purpose of the study was to conduct a geotechnical analysis of the building projects carried out in the various municipalities and cities that make up the Province of Isabela. The research approach that was used for the study was the descriptive-evaluative method. Letters requesting permission to obtain copies of geotechnical data accessible in the engineering offices of the various cities and municipalities that had been selected were written to the mayors of those municipalities. According to the findings of the study, the Standard Penetration Test was used in the geotechnical studies carried out in the province of Isabela (ASTM 1586). A well-established literature correlation was employed as the basis for this method, which was then used to calculate the shear strength of soils. The number of strikes, N, that were necessary to break through each of the three 15-centimeter levels was counted. The N value of a given stretch of 45 centimeters is calculated by adding the blow count of the top two layers; this number is a measurement of the soil's density and consistency. In order to be of greater use to structural designers and town planners, a better database should have a greater number of geotechnical data points that are available or complete data points for each city or municipality. For geotechnical reports to contain all of the relevant information regarding the soil exploration that was carried out, their formats and contents must be standardized. This is because there were some geotechnical studies that did not have the seismic characteristics, as can be seen in the tables, and no advice on the size or type of footings that should be employed.


Seismic Analysis, soil bearing capacity, geotechnical investigation, soil profile