Research article

Morphological and molecular characterization of Aphelenchus avenae found in Freesia plants and soil in Mosul-Iraq.

Asmaa M. Al-Hakeem1*, Huda H. Al-Taae2, Zeinab A. M. Al-tememe3 and Nada S. Othman

Online First: November 08, 2022

The Mycetophagous nematode Aphelenchus avenae is diffusioned in soil and is found in associated with different plants but its ability to cause plant disease remains largely undetermined. Aphelenchus avenae were isolated from Freesia bulbs or corms infected with root rots caused by Fusarium solani , Fusarium oxysporum and Rhizoctonia solani culturing on Potato Dextrose Agar {PDA}. In addition to isolating them from soil surrounding the rhizosphere of Freesia bulus or corms. Aphelenchus avenae were isolated and It was determined by morphological , molecular ways by polymerase chain reaction {PCR} then sequence ITS region. sequence of Aphelenchus avenae isolates that have been first registered at the Gene Bank data base.


Aphelenchus avenae, Mycetophagous nematodes, Morphology, Molecular.