Research article


Isamiddin Siddikov1, Davronbek Khalmatov2, Gulchexra Alimova1 , Ulugbek Khujanazarov2, a)

Online First: November 08, 2022

In modern conditions, one of the main tasks of automating technological processes in the textile industry is to improve the quality of products and reduce the cost of raw materials. The quality of the target textile products is significantly affected by fluctuations in the stretching of the tape. Control systems for the movement of the pulled belt must compensate for the amplitudes and frequencies of vibrations. When constructing an automatic control system, it becomes necessary to study the fluctuations of the belt during pulling, in order to improve the quality indicators of products, that is, density, discontinuity, and others. The paper offers a method for constructing an automatic belt movement control system based on a robust periodic controller, which allows maintaining a stable operation of the control system when changing the parameters of its functioning. A combined robust-periodic control loop synthesized using the hyperstability criterion is proposed for constructing an automatic control system for the belt pulling process. The use of the proposed algorithms provides high indicators of the quality of system functioning in comparison with the classical proportional-integral control loop.