Research article


V.Vijaya Lakshmi*, Swetha Kodali**, J.Deepika*** and N.Prathyusha****

Online First: October 29, 2022

Vulnerability is the state of an entity being exposed or opposed to adverse conditions. It helps to measure the sensitivity and adaptive capacity of the households in adverse situations (Notenbaert et al, 2012; Kim & Kwon, 2022). Household vulnerability is measured in terms of condition of house, materials used for the construction, facilities available in the house etc. It helps to understand the status of house as per the changes in weather conditions in giving proper protection to the inmates of house. Thus to understand the housing conditions in providing safe security to the inmates in terms of household vulnerability index, the present study has been taken up. . A total of 160 households were selected as sample with women being the key respondents. Interview schedule was used to collect the data. Key findings were that, majority of them were living in own house with mostly single floor of 5-6 years old. It was found that household vulnerability index was 0.5 i.e. average which implies that house condition was neither best nor worst. So, the condition of house can be improved with some financial support from the government.


vulnerability, household vulnerability index, women, housing conditions