Research article


Luis Bernal Hidalgo, Edgar Olmedo Cruz Mican, Fernando Augusto Poveda Aguja Ed., Lugo Manuel Barbosa Guerrero, Marcia Andrea Yucuma Guzman, Pedro Antonio Vela González Ed.

Online First: October 29, 2022

This article presents a balance about the chapter guidelines for teaching construction of the territory concept in schools today, which is part of the doctoral thesis "La construcción del territorio a través del ciberespacio: una mirada latinoamericana de la percepción de los jóvenes frente al espacio virtual. Presented at University of Valencia, Spain. This unit was focused on the construction of guidelines for learning the territory concept in geography, it is set from a comparative analysis between Spain, Colombia and England, in order to reflect the contributions of the Latin American, European and Anglo-Saxon countries, in line with the reconstitution of geographic knowledge at a global level to expand new approaches to the concept. This is in contrast to the policies in charge of regulating education in these countries. In this way, it is intended to make analytical and conceptual contributions of the territory from teachers' point of view in relation to the discussion of the territorial approach given by these institutional spaces to expand and develop a conceptual framework that contributes to generating significant transformations in the daily activity of educators. proposing a shift in the geography learning, which allows re-meaning the concept of territory in accordance with innovations in knowledge.


education, territory, teachability, teachers, new epistemologies, ICT, social construction of the territory, geography.