Research article


Dr Vijayakumar Thota, Mrs. V. Shanthi, Dr Palla Manoj Babu

Online First: October 29, 2022

Within the context of Industry 5.0, the block chain technology stands out as one of the innovations that is both one of the most important and cutting-edge breakthroughs. A great deal of interest has been created as a result of the fact that block chain technology has the potential to become a powerful instrument for the innovation of business procedures. It is necessary to tie it to other components of the Business Process Management (BPM) system so that it may offer specialized functionality relevant to the applications.The data was collected from 596 respondents from selected business operations on block chain technology used in India using the convenience sampling technique. A standardized questionnaire was used as a data collection instrument for the study. The block chain technology, which is well-known for being open, decentralized, and resistant to fraud, has a wide variety of applications. Some of these applications include: To make the digital ecosystem more accessible to users, several sectors are beginning to use block chain technology. Block chain technology is also being researched by academic institutions. The purpose of this investigation is to get a deeper comprehension of the potential applications of block chain technology in business administration. This is performed by conducting a comprehensive review of the relevant literature in order to investigate its use in a variety of important business processes. It is crucial to first recognize significant components of both block chain technology and business operations in order to correctly integrate them into business processes. This is because it is essential to properly integrate block chain technology into company operations. The use of uneven confirmation settlement, which depends largely on the application of the consensus protocol, dramatically increases the bar for the operations of business process. When you are engaged in activities that need a prompt reaction, it is essential to keep this in mind. In addition to this, it investigates the primary difficulties that come with using block chain technology as well as the advantages that it provides for the administration of corporations. As a direct consequence of this transformation, the whole of the business process will benefit from increased levels of security, traceability, and visibility, as well as a decrease in costs.


Block chain, Business Process Management (BPM), Industry 5.0, Digital Ecosystem