Research article


Yorberth Montes de Oca Rojas, Carlos Alberto Hinojosa Salazar, Benjamín Roldan Polo Escobar, Gilberto Carrión Barco

Online First: October 29, 2022

This research aims to study the trends in the labor market and highlight the relevance of teleworker skills for competitiveness through the use of technology. The need to raise this study is to see the skills related to the activities of the teleworker. The research was conducted among 310 representatives of public institutions, cooperatives and collaborators of companies in the Amazonas region - Peru, to investigate their appreciation of the adoption of this work modality; a questionnaire was conducted consisting of 25 questions grouped into three dimensions, measured by a Likert scale, the reliability of the instrument was determined by the coefficient of Cronbach’s Alpha, where a value of 0.985 was obtained for teleworking. The results show that in the professional commitment of teleworkers should be instituted samples of loyalty and the development of innovative skills with the use of technology. On the other hand, the employers’ perspective reveals that teleworkers must be committed, creative, responsible for their functions, and their experience allows them to develop their competencies in improving institutional competitiveness.


Telework, Labor market, Competitiveness, Teleworker, Technology.