Research article


Tirtharaj Patra1, Princy Thakur2,Meraj Ahmed3 and Raghu Nandan Singh Khatana4

Online First: December 30, 2022

Organic carbon is one of the major components in the soil matrix. Due to ceaseless reactions (physical and chemical and biological), which define the soil’s efficiency and characteristics. The use of conventional nonrenewable energy sources produces greenhouse gas resulting in global warming. Global warming is a major concern for many scientists as this is heading toward climate change resulting in dynamic changes in soil organic carbon stock. To control the alarming increase of greenhouse gas in our atmosphere we need to understand the dynamics and modeling of soil organic carbon. In present days continuous, monotonous conventional cropping method is the reason for the loss of soil organic carbon from the soil, a prominent reason for soil degradation and desertification. Proper knowledge of soil organic carbon dynamics helps us to manage our agronomical field and go towards sustainable agriculture.


Carbon Pool, Caron Flux, Soil Organic Carbon, Global Warming and Climate Change, Soil Organic Carbon Model.