Research article


*Bijendra Kumar1, Sarvendra Kumar2, Som Veer Singh3, Sanjay Kumar Singh4, Dinesh Kumar Tripathi5

Online First: December 30, 2022

The experimental material for the present investigation comprised of forty-five F1s developed by crossing 10 lines viz., DBW187, K1601, HD2967, HD3249, DBW321, K1317K0307, HI 1563, DBW107, and HD3059following half diallel mating design. A total of 100 treatments with 10 parents (45 F1s and 45 F2s)were evaluated for the study of twelve quantitative characters in wheat. Phenotypic and genotypic correlations were worked out on yield and yield contributing characters in forty-five crosses and 10 parents. Correlation estimates the degree and direction of association/relationship between two or more variables. Grain yield was a complex trait and was dependent on many associated characteristics. Hence, character association was studied in the present investigation, to judge the relationships among yield, and its components for improving the usefulness of selection. Genotypic correlations are heritable associations between two variables and it was more stable and paramount relevant to the plant breeder to bring about genetic improvement in one character by selecting another character of pair that was genetically correlated. Indirect selection is more effective than the direct selection procedure when the attribute in question has low heritability and/or is not easily and precisely measured. Grain yield per plant (g) showed a significant and positive correlation with days to 75% flowering, number of tillers per plant, number of spikelets per spike, spike length, number of grains per spike and protein content while the negative and significant correlation with plant height 1000-grain weight, ear density, and duration of reproductive phase in F1 generations. In F2 generation significant and positive associations at phenotypic levels were observed for days to 75% flowering with the number of grains per spike, days to maturity 1000-grain weight, protein content, and grain yield per plant while the negative and significant correlation with duration of the reproductive phase.


Genotypic Correlation, Phenotypic Correlation, Indirect selection, Heritability