Research article


Sorie Saidu Kamara1 and Sundari Dadhabai2*

Online First: October 29, 2022

Students’ academic performance is a pivotal component to indicate the quality of a school as it is one of the criteria for establishing a school. As the student’s enrollment into senior secondary schools grows, concerns regarding challenges for students' academic performance have also grown. This study's main purpose is to look into the main managerial factors that influence students' academic success, in Sierra Leone's Northern Province's senior secondary schools, Bamoi Luma, Kambia District. Using a basic random sample procedure, a sample size of 85 senior secondary school teachers was selected out of a population of 255 teachers. Linear regression analysis was employed to test the hypothesis of each element at 0.05 significance level, while the objective was analysed using descriptive statistics. According to the findings, the research region had 72.9 % male teachers and 27.1 % female teachers. There is a positive R square value for the factors indicates that they bring changes in students’ performance. It was revealed that, the most essential factor in determining students' academic performance was communication; next by learning facilities. Improvement in the payment of staff and motivation of staff, in Bamoi Luma senior secondary schools would invariably lead to an improvement in students' academic achievement.


Academic performance. Communication, Learning facilities, Motivation of staff, Payment of salary