Research article


Mr.Ajit Anandrao Pawar, Mr. Prathmesh Borage, Miss. Anushka Chaulkar, Miss. Betsy Sara Biju, Mr. Prathamesh Dharme

Online First: December 27, 2022

Background: Patient admitted ICU are critically ill and they are suffering some physical issues like pain due to their sickness so aim was assessed pain of critically ill patients when they are admitted in ICU. Objective: Present study was performed with objective of assessing pain among critically ill patient admitted in ICU. Methodology: 50 critically ill patient from ICU was selected with random sampling technique and cross-sectional research design were used to identify pain with numerical pain scale among critically ill patient from K.H. & M.R.C. Descriptive statistic and inferential statistics were used for the study. Result: Conclusion: Critically ill patient admitted in ICU were suffering with physiological issue like pain.


Pain, Critically Ill Patient