Research article


Marta Osorio de Sarmiento, German Rolando Vargas Rodriguez , Martha Isabel Sarmiento Osorio, José Arles Gómez Arévalo, Julio Esteban Univio Molano

Online First: December 27, 2022

Introduction. In order to understand peacebuilding, it is necessary to reflect on violence and conflict, which have been present in the history of Colombia and the particular case of the territory of San Martin de Los Llanos (Meta), where the inhabitants have been victims of this scourge that has historically permeated the daily lives of citizens for generations. However, the most worrying aspect is the impact on vulnerable populations. That is why it is urgent and necessary to think of strategies promoting protective environments to build peace scenarios. Objectives. Contribute to the processes of interpretation of social phenomena through the implementation of protective environments and spaces for training and artistic creation with the community of San Martin (Meta) to make visible the reflection and reconciliation of the victims of the armed conflict from a plural, non-exclusive perspective, allowing dialogue and symbolic reparation. Method. The research was based on the qualitative paradigm, with an interpretative, hermeneutic epistemological approach, which allowed to identify from the promotion and projection of protective environments from the artistic creation and cultural manifestations with the population of San Martin (Meta) the construction of peace cultures from the organization of sustainable communities, from strategies such as entrepreneurship expressed in their cultural and artistic traditions as an opportunity for peace. Results. It was found from the collective voices of the victims of the conflict that a culture of peace and protective environments can be created, from their artistic and cultural expressions, recognizing from the historical memory the causes and consequences of the conflict of which the territory and its inhabitants of Sanmartinero in the department of Meta have been victims. All this is from its inhabitants’ collective strength, organizing themselves as a sustainable community from entrepreneurship, showing the world their artistic and cultural expressions and traditions. Conclusions. It is necessary to implement strategies that promote protective environments that resignify the sense of security of the inhabitants of San Martin Meta, through artistic and cultural expressions. In addition, the strengthening and confidence of the community will be nurtured by the collaborative and cooperative work through the organization of a cooperative based on the principles of cooperatives and entrepreneurship in order to let the country and the world know that the San Martin territory is a context of peace without forgetting the past so that painful acts of violence are not repeated.