Research article


Dr. Ravindra D Nalawade, Dr. Mahesh B. Sonawane, Prof. (Dr.) B.K. Sarkar

Online First: January 30, 2023

Our Invention “Landslides, Rainfall triggered landslides of slopes by passive piles” is a study investigates the heap soil cooperation system and the ideal utilization of Antislide heaps for slant support in light of limited distinction mathematical displaying. The power and removal standards of slants and antislide heaps are examined. The impacts of different elements are researched, for example, postpile filling boundaries, heap implanting techniques, and heap cross-sectional shapes. Mathematical demonstrating is utilized to decide the ideal designs of antislide heaps for push and foothold avalanches [3][4][5][6]. The discoveries show that the strong power of the fill affects the heaps and incline than the rubbing point and is the essential control factor. Completely covered antislide heaps give a preferred antisliding impact over semiburied ones. With completely covered heaps, the best controlling impact is acquired when the proportion of the length of the heap's free area to the level of the sliding body is roughly 4/5. Besides, ventured cross-segment heaps furnish preferable incline support over those with rectangular, T-formed, or trapezoidal cross-areas. In functional applications, end-bearing curves can be used as the essential control structures, with grating curves utilized for auxiliary control to further develop the dirt angling impact however much as could be expected, in this way upgrading the steadiness of the heaps and slant [3][4][6]. To control avalanches of different push structures, antislide heaps ought to be set in the dynamic area, the center sliding segment, or both, as required. This paper gives direction to working on the plan of antislide heaps.


Landslides, Rainfall, triggered, landslides, slope, passive piles.