Research article


Dr. Mohana Krishna Irrinki, Vema Pavan Kumar, Cherukuru Sravya Sri, Chaitanya Singh, Buddareddy Swetha Rani, Dhavaleswarapu Sai Kiran

Online First: January 30, 2023

Information is the key element in today’s world. Data is the heart of any library or any information Centre. Access to Information and data will help each and everyone in leading a quality life. Individuals, researchers, organizations, government, and all others need data or information for several purposes. Libraries are one of the traditional methods for storing and retrieving the information. As Library is a service and non-profit Organization, using their resources and collection of information has become more popular. There is a massive transformation in the functioning of libraries in such a way that everyone can access the data through online with the help of internet from anywhere and anytime. Social media is the most popular means to promote or to market any type of service and library service is not an exception. Social media is playing an important role in promoting the data required in the form of e-books, e-newspapers, e-information. This paper throws light on the transformation of libraries and the role of social media in extending the services of digital libraries. The role of the libraries and the librarians in providing the information to the users through the social media is also discussed in this paper. The advantages and the challenges posed in promoting the library services through the social media are highlighted in the paper.


e-Libraries, Information, Data, Social Media, e-Resources, Librarian.